Welcome to Mason Nation!

Welcome to Mason Nation!

Welcome to Mason Nation!

The three-week extravaganza that includes all things Mason! Meet student organizations, various academic departments, and campus departments alike!

The New Science with Big Data and Computational Modeling

Date: August 27, 2012 - August 27, 2012

Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Location: Research 1, Showcase (1st floor glass room), Fairfax Campus

Open to all Mason students and faculty. Pizza and soda will be provided. The explosion in computer speed and disk capacity is driving the need for a new class of scientists that can solve problems using a computer. At this event, we’ll give a series of short presentation on how computation and data are used to solve cutting edge problems in medicine, biology, astronomy, and solar physics. The presentations will be followed by a question and answer session attended by some of Mason’s leading scientists who use computation in their research.

Sponsoring Organization – SPACS/CDS

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