Welcome to Mason Nation!

Welcome to Mason Nation!

Welcome to Mason Nation!

The three-week extravaganza that includes all things Mason! Meet student organizations, various academic departments, and campus departments alike!

Target Stores: Back to Campus Event

Date: August 24, 2014 - August 24, 2014

Time: 9:30 PM to 11:30 PM

Location: Shuttle Stops, Fairfax Campus

Target will hold an exclusive shopping event for Mason students tonight only!  Need a ride?  No problem!  We’ll have shuttles awaiting you and a TON of freebies and coupons. The Target location on Roberts Road will be open for those hours strictly for Mason students.

Target Location:
10301 New Guinea Rd
Fairfax, VA 22032

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Shuttle stops are:

Rogers, Rappahanock Parking Deck, and Presidents Park


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