Welcome to Mason Nation!

Welcome to Mason Nation!

Welcome to Mason Nation!

The three-week extravaganza that includes all things Mason! Meet student organizations, various academic departments, and campus departments alike!

Welcome2Mason Crew

Interested In Joining The Welcome2Mason Crew?

The division of University Life is excited to add a new student team to the Welcome2Mason (W2M) experience to assist welcoming our new students to Mason. We are looking for motivated, dedicated, and excited students who are interested in welcoming new Patriots as they transition to their first semester at Mason. Students who make up the W2M Crew will be responsible for supporting new students through Move-In, The Preamble and W2M.

Position Responsibilities
  • Participate in required paid training (virtual and/or in-person) prior to the start of the program, including tentatively scheduled all-staff training for August 15. 
  • Assist with any logistic or administrative tasks in preparation for the events and programs, such as prepping supplies and moving materials, assisting with signage and campus directions, or decorating campus spaces. 
  • Serve as a small group leader for new students during The Preamble and will facilitate discussions around important topics related to their transition to Mason. 
  • Responsible to lead their small group through the Preamble schedule of events and provide direction and communication to accomplish the program requirements. 
  • Sign up for individual shifts during Welcome2Mason programming, including Ask Me Tents, events, and marketing efforts. 
  • Bring positivity and strong pride for Mason to increase energy and morale throughout the entirety of the program. 
  • Must be responsible, self-motivated, flexible, dedicated, and considerate.  
  • Must have a strong work ethic.  
  • A basic knowledge of George Mason University.  
  • Experience with facilitation and engaging groups of people in conversation.  
  • Ability to navigate the Fairfax campus.  
  • Must be able to understand and respect differing views and perspectives.  
  • Must be in good standing with the university.  
  • Must be an enrolled Mason student. 
  • Training and Preparation: August 15th-16th (approx. 6-8 hours)  
  • Preamble: August 17th-20th (approx. 10-15 hours) 
  • Welcome2Mason: August 21st-September 25th (approx. 5 hours)  

This position compensates for an hourly rate of $11.50 with the commitment of 25-30 hours 

Apply to join The Crew today!

Applications for The Welcome2Mason Crew will be open March 21 and will close April 11th at 12:00pm. Students wishing to apply will be asked to complete the application below as well as an asynchronous interview. More information about the interviews will be communicated to all applicants on April 12th and all final submissions will need to be completed by April 20th at 5pm.

Questions about the application process or the position can be directed to Sara Heming at smorrisr@gmu.edu.

Current Student Leaders

If you are a current student leader who is interested in joining The Welcome2Mason Crew and have been told to complete the current student leader application please use the link below.